When You Need To Apply Face Cream

When You Need To Apply Face Cream


Skin care is one of those things that most of us take for granted. I know that I certainly have. Growing up, no one pulls any of us to the side and explains the importance of proper face moisturizing. Learning the “why and when” of when you need to apply face cream can seem almost impossible, after having spent a lifetime in the dark about the subject.

Why and When?

We need face cream for a variety of different reasons. Some will try to convince you that face creams are just a big scam and I admit that I’ve had my moments where this rhetoric seemed legitimate. After all, who wants to spend extra money during tight economic times, just to apply facial creams that may or may not work?

But, in order to keep skin from scaling and peeling, we all need to use them. Nothing is more embarrassing than wearing a beautiful black shirt or blouse, only to have it covered in flakes of dead skin by day’s end. By using facial creams, it becomes easier to avoid these kinds of mishaps. It’s the first step taken towards having the face that you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s important to use the correct face cream, otherwise, you could just be encouraging dry skin. While a face cream that has an added scent to it may make your face smell pretty, these added chemicals lead to a much drier face.

Another reason not to skimp on the facial cream? Increased protection. It took me a long time to realize that my face is the most consistently exposed part of my body. Thus, it requires a certain level of vigilance to maintain its natural beauty. Those who are regularly exposed to the elements, whether it’s UV rays or the teeth chattering cold, should heed this advice.

Starting an at home skin treatment program for your face can also save you valuable time and money by not having to head to the spa for a facial. I’ve waited too long and allowed my skin to become dry and itchy before and it is no picnic.

By applying face cream on a regular basis, not only do you prevent your face from becoming too dry, but you also retain more of the natural moisture that your face possesses. Beautiful skin does not happen by accident. It happens due to careful planning and an understanding that it needs moisture to look its best.

The whens of applying face cream are just as crucial as the whys. If you do not utilize the proper methods and timing for applying face cream, all of your hard work will end up for naught as your face dries out and you drive yourself crazy trying every possible remedy for the condition.

Failure to be careful about when you apply face cream can cause even bigger issues, such as acne and clogged pores. This happens when a person has naturally oily skin and applies the cream directly on top of it. If you do not remove the excess oil from the skin prior to application, you are at far greater risk for a breakout and the skin can become inflamed.

Using facial creams too frequently is another common issue that I’ve come across. Contrary to popular belief, slathering your face with cream on a constant basis will not (I repeat: will not) add any additional moisture to your face. Facial creams are tailor made for trapping your natural moisture and allowing it to flourish, not adding new moisture.

 When to Apply

It is best to apply facial creams prior to bed time each night. This allows the cream the time it needs to work its magic. Depending on your skin type, you may need to wash it off after application. But for those with skin that is not oily or overridden with zits, a night time application works the best. There’s a reason why you always saw your mother and grandmother’s faces all painted up at night. Turns out they knew best all along.


Those who struggle with breakouts and oily skin should apply facial cream after they’ve washed their face each morning. I’ve found that this method enables women who have naturally oily skin to remove any excess oil that prevents the cream from trapping the skin’s moisture.



Simply slapping face cream on each morning and heading out to face the day is how you end up with breakouts and additional pimples. Scrubbing the face clean and giving it a chance to dry before applying face cream gives you a much better chance of retaining the face’s preferred natural moisture.

While this method may not make sense, it helps to smear that facial cream on before you’ve begun applying makeup each morning. This application method is particularly helpful for prevention of acne and other facial blemishes.

When you put makeup onto the skin before you’ve had a chance to strip it of the oils accumulated during your overnight rest, you trap the face’s oil, as opposed to its moisture. This allows the oil to do its nasty work all day long. I’ve found that applying face cream after makeup is an absolute cinch to cause breakouts.

Hopefully, this advice on the whys and whens on facial cream application can help you get on the right track. We all deserve to have faces that properly express our beauty, instead of constantly leaning on excuses. Proper face cream application unlocks the face’s total potential and will have you looking stunning in no time.

If you have any tips or trick I would love to hear them, let me know in the comments below.



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