There’s an app for that!

Now even iTunes has become a place to Smooth Wrinkles! Check out the app I found on the French iTunes store when I did a Google search:

Beauty Massage Points – Smooth Out Wrinkles, Improve Skin Tone & Elasticity, Reduce Skin Oil Production, Prolong Tan and Many More – PREMIUM Chinese Acupressure Trainer
By Dr. Jakob Bargak

According to the description, this app with video will:


√ Make Your Skin Look Beautiful with Traditional Chinese Massage Points
√ Easily find the right Massage Points with simple Full HD Videoclips and Photos
√ Never forget a Massage with a built-in Reminder

You can check it out here! No reviews yet, but looks interesting.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.37.07 PM

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