Take a Selfie

Take a Selfie – Good or Bad

The selfie has taken 2014 by storm! Everyone is taking them. Some good some bad, and some famous. I don’t really have a strong opinion about selfies.  I have taken a few, I have friends that take them. It was the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year for 2013, and hasn’t slowed down much if it all. I’m not going to get in to a debate about the good and bad side of selfies, as both sides could be argued for hours.  Some sides say they empower woman, other say they are a cry for help. I’ll just say it’s a picture, and you can have your opinion and I’ll respect it.

What ever your opinion on the selfie, I’m pretty confident it’s here to stay. The cameras on our phones keep getting better, and phones like the LG G3 even have a selfie mode.

selfie-640x960Famous Monkey Selfie

This summer, copyright law got one of its rare viral moments, thanks to a crested black macaque that took a captivating “selfie.”

During a 2011 photo shoot, the monkey grabbed the camera away from British photojournalist David Slater and snapped hundreds of photos. One of them was the now-famous selfie, which made its way to Wikimedia Commons, an online storehouse of free-to-use images.

You can read more about the Monkie Selfie here 


Here’s another good video from the folks at Dove

Feel free to let me know what you think about selfies, or send me a link to your favourite selfie (keep it clean please)

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