Serumtologie C Serum

Serumtologie C Serum My Number One

Hey folks,

I have reviewed Serumtologie C Serum before. However I was using another product at the time. I have since switched to this product full time. Since making this switch late last year in October I couldn’t be happier! I was getting more email request asking about this product so I decided to use it exclusively. My skin feels softer, and it has greatly reduced the appearance of fine lines. It has not eliminated the lines completely but it definitely reduces them. The serum goes on smooth and absorbs quickly.


I love the idea of the ingredients being all natural. I apply a small amount every morning before makeup and of course sunscreen.  I have been using it for almost 5 months now and honestly I probably wont stop. I was hoping to review some other products but its hard to stop using this one. I may have to review my new coffee machine or something so there is a new review of some sort. You can find my original post on Serumtologie C Serum here.


If you are looking for some quick information on vitamin C you can also find it here



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