Orange juice isn’t just for breakfast

Orange juice isn’t just for breakfast anymore!

I’m always looking for new ways, preferably natural ways, to smooth my wrinkles. Who would have thought that the same cup of OJ I drink in the morning could be useful on my wrinkles?

imagesHere’s how you do it. Squeeze some freshly squeezed orange juice (real oranges, not from a carton) into a bowl or glass. You don’t need a lot. Then dip a little piece of cotton, or a swab like a Q-tip in the orange juice. You can do this in the morning and at night before bed.

One big tip: do not get the orange juice in your eye, ouch that stings!

It takes a few weeks to see any improvement, but I think it does help, and is well worth a shot!




I did try this for awhile and frankly its i probably not worth the effort. So I’m going to say it’s not worth “the shot”


Get your cotton balls from here! I’m sure your having a tough time finding them, okay maybe not.

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