Phones might be giving us wrinkles!

In the kind of funny, ironic, and yet not-so-funny category at the same time, word that our cell phone usage might be contributing to our wrinkles!


By Catey Hill, MarketWatch

May 26, 2014

 Already, if you want ageless skin you can’t smile, frown, laugh, go in the sun, jog, smoke or sleep on your side. Now you can add another item to the I’m-worried-it-may-cause-wrinkles list: looking down at your iPhone.

So called “tech neck” — a phenomenon that happens when we look down at our laptops or iPhones too often — may cause etched lines, wrinkles, double chins and loose skin to occur, a plastic surgeon told Elle magazine . Put simply (and depressingly): your smartphone, tablet and laptop may be giving you the neck of a much older person.

While it’s unclear whether the technology is causing this “tech neck” or if we’re simply noticing our less-than-smooth necks more in this selfie-obsessed world, one thing is clear: more people than ever are demanding neck lifts. In 2013, plastic surgeons gave more than 55,000 patients neck lifts — up roughly 6% from a year prior. That’s compared with a 3% lift in plastic surgery procedures overall.

One thing is for sure is that I think my cell phone causes me more stress, not sure about neck pains. It’s more like a pain in my ass. I’m constantly worrying if I forgot my cell phone at home, or even worse at my last location. I stress about having enough battery life to last the day or night. I worry if the ringer is on loud enough that I can hear. I worry about the quality of picture or video it’s taking. Last but not least I worry about not having reception. Traveling around I am constantly on the look for free Wifi as I don’t want use my limited data plan.

Tech neck, maybe be a bit of a stretch but for a device that is sometimes marketed to make your life easier, it falls short in some categories!


What’s the worst place you left your cell phone, leave a comment below and let us know!

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