I’ve been using retinol for quite some time and I think it really helps with the wrinkles! I found out about the Obagi product line from DermaShoppe.com.

Obagi Medical was founded in 1988 with the creation of the Obagi Nu-Derm System and is headquartered in Long Beach, California. They sell their products all around the world and develop specialty pharmaceuticals for physician-dispensed skin care.

OB0994__07503.1390933850.400.400You can get their products from your dermatologist or online. I am always looking to try new Retinol formulations, so I bought the Obagi 360 Retinol 1%. The tube comes in 1 fluid ounce and is a high-strength retinol formulation. The 1 ounce tube will last you a while.

Some people have trouble with retinols because their skin is too sensitive. I would suggest you start with a small amount on an area of your face not super visible, like maybe near your ear, and see what happens. If the 1% formulation is too strong, they also have a .5% formulation.

I also do not recommend you use retinol every night, just several times a week.

I saw some nice results with this product. The fragrance wasn’t great, but not bad, as some retinols are really not very nice smelling at all. Then again, I am not super affected by fragrance like some people are. It went on smooth, I just dabbed a little on my fingertips and gently rubbed it in and then went to bed.

You don’t see immediate results with retinol, but I definitely think it helps you from forming new wrinkles and minimizing those that you already have. I notice my crows feet seem less prominent.

As always, here are my pros and cons.


  • Decent fragrance, not too strong
  • Smooth
  • A little goes a long way
  • Really notice a difference with the wrinkles, it seems to minimize their appearance
  • Not a bad price for 1%, comes in .5% too
  • CONS

  • 1% formulation might be too strong for some
  • Might not be good for sensitive skin
  • Takes a while to see results
  • You can read all about this product line on Obagi’s web site here. There’s a video you can watch also.

    Overall, on Stephanie’s Thumbs Up Meter, I give it…

    thumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciy 4 out of 5 thumbs!