My review of NuFace Facial Toner


A couple of months ago I woke and looked in the mirror, which is never pretty first thing in the morning! I can’t believe it, but in addition to the wrinkles that are creeping in, my skin seems to be sagging too! Oh joy!

I’m sort of an expert skin care searcher, so as I usually do, I got on the Internet to see what the latest products were out there for sagging skin and wrinkles. I found this interesting looking product called NuFace Trinity.

As I read about it, I found that this product was invented by a cosmetologist. The lady that invented it is an expert in something called Microcurrent Technology. I’d seen other hand held facial toning treatments before but this intrigued me for some reason.

nufaceThe web site said “NuFACE® devices utilize Microcurrent Technology along with advanced proprietary engineering to devise a convenient, hand-held facial toning instrument that effectively strengthens and restructures. Soft and gentle waves ease away tightened muscles and restore them back to their natural state, allowing the face to be dramatically lifted and firmed to a younger appeal. The microcurrent is not only lifting, but also improving circulation to the face while encouraging collagen production for a definite and youthful makeover.”

They call this treatment a “5 Minute Facelift” and claim that it can clinically improve facial contour, skin tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I was getting more excited by the minute to try it!

I went to the website and watched a short marketing video and then to YouTube and watched some video testimonials, and unless these people were just good actors or good with special effects, the results looked pretty good. I thought about it a few days and then decided to order it, I wanted to see what it could possibly to.

I ordered the product online company with DermaShoppe. I have to say I really like this company, they have good customer service and an easy-to-use web site as well as a wide range of products. It took just a few days to receive the NuFACE. I was pretty excited to try it!

The product came with some serum, and the handheld device, which I have to be honest, looked a little space-agey. It has these two “nubs”, or probe looking things on the top. I read the instructions and got ready to give it a try. They said the treatment should last 5- 20 minutes and do the treatment five times a week for the first three months. That sounded like a long time to me, but I was committed to trying it.

Just to explain, before you begin the treatment you have to make sure the device is charged up for 12 hours, so I had to wait a bit for my first treatment until it was charged. When the device is charged, you wash your face with a cleanser that contains no oil, and then apply the NuFACE Serum and then the NuFACE primer. Next, you turn on the unit and you adjust the intensity to whatever level you want.

Then the real fun begins, you’re instructed to glide the device over the contours of your face in an upward motion, making sure that each glide lasts 5 minutes and you repeat it three times. The device beeps every 5 seconds which tells you when to move to the next area on your face.

When you’re done, you remove the primer with a damp washcloth and then turn off the device and clean it by wiping it.

Afterward, you put on any moisturizer you want, NuFACE makes some also you can buy but you don’t have to use it for the treatments to work.

I found the product very easy to use after I got the hang of it, which took a few times. It felt good on my skin, almost like a little massage. But what results did I see?

I used this product the recommended five times a day for about 60 days, and I really felt like it was making a difference, My wrinkles seemed less prominent and I did notice my skin tighten. But then I went on vacation and forgot to take the NuFACE with me. To be honest, when I got back home I got busy (some might say lazy) I didn’t do the treatment for quite a while and I feel like my wrinkles came visible again.

I’m back on the plan and things seem to be improving again!

Meanwhile, here is a photo of a lady and her results after using the NuFACE Facial Toner on her forehead wrinkles. This comes from the company’s web site:

BA_forehead_before BA_forehead_after

Here are what I consider the pros and cons of the product.

  • Easy to use
  • Gentle on the face
  • Skin feels smoother and softer
  • After many treatments, skin feels tighter
  • Seems to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Developed by a doctor
  • Company has a lot of other complimentary products
  • Treatment is time consuming
  • You have to be dedicated to using the device every day for at least five days a week
  • You have to purchase the serum and primer to use with the device
  • Device is somewhat pricey compared to others on the market
  • May not work for everybody

Want to check the NuFACE Facial Toner out for yourself? Go over to DermaShoppe here.

They’re also having a sale, so don’t forget to use the discount code.

Overall, on Stephanie’s Thumbs Up Meter, I give it…

thumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciy 4.5 out of 5 thumbs!