My favorite moisturizer for many years, Neutrogena Healthy Defense® Daily Moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 30.

I don’t quite remember when I got turned on to this stuff, it might have been an ad I saw on TV, but in general I really like the Neutrogena product line. It is affordable and effective.

I am a very active person and I love being outdoors. It’s so important to protect our skin from the sun, even if it’s a cloudy day.

Neutrogena is just one component to my moisturizing ritual, in fact it’s step #2. I use a regular moisturizer (with vitamin C, which I will discuss on another page) and then follow it up with the Neutrogena.

There was a day when I didn’t think a whole lot about sunscreen in my moisturizer. Those days are over. I really liked this product for the following reasons:

  • Don’t need to use a lot to get good coverage
  • One of the few moisturizers that doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky feeling
  • Pleasant, almost non-detectible scent
  • Works great
  • Inexpensive

There’s nothing I can even really think I’d improve with this product. It just works, and works very well!

In fact, on Stephanie’s Thumbs Up Meter, I’m going to give it…

thumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciy thumbs_up_bciy 5 out of 5 thumbs!