Could massage help?

The other day I was getting a Thai massage, my first ever. It was an interesting experience to say the least, and much different than traditional massages I had in the past. When the therapist had finished brutalizing my body (no, really, my back is still sore!) she moved on to my face. She didn’t spend a lot of time massaging my face but she spent enough time to make me wonder, hmmm…could massage be beneficial in tightening skin and relaxing wrinkles?

I took to the Internet to see what I could find, here are my results:

This lady shows you how to do self massage for wrinkle reduction, never mind the fact she looks like she’s 19!

Here’s an article from Express in the UK about massage being good for the face

Are the Brits on to something? Another article from the Daily Mail about massage and wrinkles

Here’s an older, but interesting article

Here is a Powerpoint presentation of all things, on how to do self massage for wrinkle reduction