From the kitchen: tea for wrinkles

I came across this interesting article today. In general, I’m a big fan of homeopathic ways to ward of wrinkles and dry skin, especially things around the house. In this article the author ponders the use of tea and household ingredients for the skin. Check it out!

The Kitchen Thinker: can you banish wrinkles with a brew?

7:30AM BST 02 May 2014

I once went to an event organised by the people who promote wild Alaskan salmon. One woman had been flown in from Anchorage to tell us what salmon could do for our looks. “The reason women in Alaska have such beautiful wrinkle-free skin,” she enthused, “especially the fisherwomen, is all the salmon they eat.”

bee-on-beauty-food_2897258bAfter the event, every so often, I would look in the mirror when putting on moisturiser and think, “Hmmm, should eat more Alaskan salmon.” The tinned kind makes tasty fishcakes and occasionally I’d get fresh fillet of sockeye – meatier and richer than farmed salmon. And, as I ate it, I’d imagine my skin becoming firmer and more radiant. But it feels a bit ridiculous to be eating fish from so far away when we could be having herring or mackerel from our own seas. Plus, fresh Alaskan sockeye is pricey. It may be a great wrinkle deterrent if you are an Alaskan fisherwoman who can eat it for free. Here, not so much.

Most tips on ways to “eat yourself beautiful!” are like this. You will be told that if you want to minimise wrinkles you must eat one very specific food. Black radishes, avocado, buckwheat, blueberries have all been touted as the secret to skin repair. Blinking blueberries! Beauty gurus are obsessed with them. Why do they never recommend something easy, cheap and local like an apple? The most Marie-Antoinette-ish advice I saw said that the best way to get smooth skin was fish roe (ie caviar) because “ounce for ounce” it contains more omega-3 than oily fish!

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