Jane Seymour, my idol

I was watching the original TV-tabloid show Entertainment Tonight over the weekend, and there is one lady in particular that never ceases to amaze me, the British actress Jane Seymour.

It seems at age 62, she recently posed for a bikini shoot. I could not believe how astounding she looked!!!

In this short interview she discusses plastic surgery.


I was astounded with her body! I wonder if I looked like that even in my 20s. What impresses me more though is her face. She clearly wears her wrinkles with pride, and she’s still a beautiful woman. Yes, I guess she must be genetically gifted to some extent, but doesn’t seem desperate to get rid of her wrinkles. Of course, if I looked like her I might be singing a different tune too!


You can read more about Jane on her web site at, http://www.janeseymour.com/

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