Hide wrinkles with makeup

Sometimes, despite our best skin care regimens, we wake up some days and find ourselves looking not our best. Thank goodness for makeup!

With a little skill and practice, you can conceal some of those wrinkles and dark eye circles. The odd thing about makeup is that too much of it has the opposite effect, in fact, it will age you. So go easy on the makeup!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

* When you’re putting on your moisturizer, try a tinted version. They are lighter in general and have less of a tendency to “settle” into your wrinkles. You may have experimented with makeup in the past, and too much concealer or foundation can actually bring your wrinkles out. So try something lighter and stick to one or two shades darker with the foundation and don’t go beyond that.

* Get dramatic with your eye makeup. If you pull the focus of your face to your eyes, that’s where people’s eyes will go too.

* I am one of those types who loves eyeliner, but as I’ve gotten older I realize the darker I go only makes me look older and highlights the wrinkles. So, try to experiment without eyeliner and if you use it, use a lighter color and less of it than you did when you were younger.

I found an awesome tutorial that highlights these keys for older people with Gia Mills, a professional makeup artist. You can find her at www.giamills.com.


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