Tired of wrinkles? Me too!

shutterstock_158376404Hello! My name is Stephanie. I’m 45 years old (young) and I love life! I am very active, and I enjoy the outdoors. I’m married with two wonderful kids and I live in a lovely neighborhood in Seattle. I am very blessed for sure!

But, like many of you I don’t love my wrinkles! I realize they come with the territory, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to get rid of them somehow!

Like most older women, I have tried nearly every wrinkle remover, wrinkle eraser and wrinkle smoother known to man or woman, in an effort to reduce the appearance of my wrinkles. But like many of you, I’m still searching for that one cream that will help make me feel more confident about my skin. Sure, I could try Botox, but I am really looking for less invasive strategies.

On this web site I am going to review the different products and ways I have tried to keep looking young and vibrant. I will be reviewing various products, and giving my honest reviews. I hope that you can benefit from what I have learned and maybe try some things for yourself!

All the best!


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