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Did I get your attention? I started this site to review products that I found worthy of sharing with others. The challenge is that I can’t afford to buy every product. Heck I can barely afford to buy any of the products. So I have been searching google like crazy to find any place that offers free samples.  Which I have found, but they are not really free. You have to buy a certain amount of product to get the free samples, or you need to pay for shipping.

Paying for shipping isn’t a huge deal, if it wasn’t so expensive. If the company was just going to charge me the price of a few stamps and pop it in the mail, Id be all over it. Sadly they all seem to ship in is a box. Which in the long run ,it’s probably better to buy some product and get free shipping. Now granted I haven’t been to aggressive contacting companies and asking for free swag, it somehow doesn’t feel right.

freeThe only place that always offers free samples appear to be the mall. They know me to well down there already. So my suggestion is that maybe there should be a free sample club! With a small fee (to cover shipping and handling), every month a company would send you a few small samples. Heck maybe they could have an app, and you pick a few samples that you would like to try each month. With a different selection every month. You could even have special discounts for “sample club” members.

Dare to dream!

So any app developers out there, your Welcome! You heard it here first at New Eye Cream.


Speaking of free stuff, creating this blog I also tend to do a lot of web research. I research Items such as SEO (search engine optimization), traffic trends and all sorts of other stuff I really don’t understand. Hence why I try and do as much reading as possible. While I try and focus on great content you can’t ignore the other side (technology). If you or I have the greatest content on the web and no one reads it, there’s not much point in writing it. You might as well write in that little diary beside your bed.  There are many ways of getting traffic, from emails list, pay per clicks, social media. Some of the best success I have had is using services such as the ones found at growtraffic . They use some pretty fancy technology to direct people interested in your topic to your website.  They partnered with a large ad network that has a combined 20,000,000 visitors a day through it’s many websites. These websites are a combination of established websites in various niches, as well as expired domain traffic. When you purchase a traffic campaign, you are being displayed on these websites according to the category and the visitor targeting that you chose.  Sites like growtraffic  can be the difference of a successful site and one that nobody ever gets to read. Competing for an audience in a very competitive environment you sometimes need a helping hand.

Have any of you had any luck with free samples? Would love to know your source! Let me know in the comments below.

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