doterra Essentail Skin Care Facial Cleanser

Last but not least, the facial cleanser. I love washing my face with this stuff! It has my favorite ingredients, melaleuca (tea tree oil) and peppermint, so my skin feels very invigorated after washing.

from dōTERRA: With dōTERRA Facial Cleanser, CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils of melaleuca and peppermint gently cleanse, lifting away impurities and leaving your skin feeling clean, fresh, and smooth. Cruciferous vegetable extracts also work to inhibit skin irritation and reduce oxidative stress to skin cells.

dōTERRA also has a number of other skin care products I am trying and will review later. Overall, due to the effectiveness I’m seeing, scent, and the fact that these products are derived from nature, I’m giving them…5 out of 5 thumbs on Stephanie’s Thumbs Up Meter.

dōTERRA Skin Care System with Anti-Aging Moisturizer