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Is a new mattress worth the expense?

Well without messing around. The answer is yes! Without exaggerating I have had the same mattress for 15years. For the past 10 years I have been thinking about or wanting a new mattress. What stopped me was the price. Looking back now I should have invested in a new mattress 10years ago. I say investment because that’s what I now feel it is. Your not going to be able to sell it years from now for more money. What you are investing in is you. You will sleep better, look better, feel better.


I could never believe that a new mattress would make that big of a difference but let me tell you it does. I no longer toss and turn. I do not wake up stiff or sore. I wake up with more energy and a better attitude. I must have been really grumpy for the past 10years, no wonder I drink so much coffee.


Now what to buy? Well that I can’t really answer. It’s like buying a new pair of shoes or dress some may feel great others not so much, we all have our preferences.  I would recommend buying one with a good warranty. The challenge with mattress shopping I found is it’s hard to compare one mattress to another. Every brand seems to have it’s own technology and or buzz words.

Every store seems to carry a different brand or variation of the same brand. I would suggest going to your local stores and trying a bunch of them out. When I was out shopping I tried five or so different stores and who knows how many different mattresses. It became really clear which ones I didn’t like fairly quickly. The challenge was the ones I did like were all pretty similar.  The challenge again was how the bed was made and the technology used. Right from the start I knew I din’t like the traditional mattress made with springs. The memory foam and or air beds seemed to be much more appealing. Something seemed old school about buying a bed with springs. Every website I read never really recommend a spring mattress it was always the air or memory foam.

So which one to buy? Sadly I can’t tell you. I’d have as much success telling you which lotto numbers to pick. I can tell you I did purchase a Dormeo 8500 Mattress . I was shopping with a friend of mine and she kept telling me how happy she was with her mattress. I went to her house and when I laid down it was like heaven. I knew instantly that this was the one. With her recommendation I made the plunge and ordered one.

What was I thinking, I questioned myself while I awaited for my large package to arrive. It was a lot of money. I can now say I would spend that money twice over to get the type of sleep I get now! I will never doubt the importance of a new mattress again

What are you waiting for! Go find yourself a great night sleep. I would love to hear what you purchased or your thoughts. Let me know in the comments below. Or feel free to ask me any questions about my Dormeo 8500 Mattress

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