Daum Crystal Masterpiece Peacock

Only 8 World Wide


If you are in the mood to purchase a large crystal peacock you have come to the right place. Just don’t get your hopes up if you were planning on getting one for your friends and family. This limited edition crystal peacock is limited to only 8 world wide. This master piece stands an impressive 6 FT tall and will be sure to impress your friends.




Reviews of the bird have been mixed

  • I know, everyone tells me “The size was listed clearly in the description” but I just can’t help but wish my ‘Cock was a little bigger. My wife says she’s happy with it and that size isn’t everything but sometimes I get the feeling she is having “buyer’s remorse”.
  • I got one of these things and when I went to plug it in I couldn’t find a electric cord. It doesn’t light up or move or anything, Sending it back.
  • Well, I am one of those iPhone fans, and when I first saw this I thought it was the iPeacock. When I got it and I couldn’t get it to work with my iPhone I gave it to my neighbour who has one of those crappy Android phones. So, now I am waiting for the iPeacock version to go with my iPhone.
  • Purchased to use as a hood ornament for my 1993 Ford Tempo. Was driving in style until I banged it up going through the car wash. Now a dull & battered gargoyle sits apon my hood.
  • I’m just curious where they store these before they sell them. I hope they aren’t just locked up in cages. Mine flinches every time i raise my hand. It must have been abused.


So if your in the mood for a large crystal peacock this may be the one for you. For just less then $500,000 this bird could be yours. If you have recently just sold your house, or maybe you have just taken back your wine bottles this may be a a good option for your money.


Not sure if I should say this  in fear of what I may receive, but I would love to see some picture of you and your giant “peacock”

Daum Crystal Masterpiece Peacock Limited To 8 World Wide

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