Like a touch of the tropics!

I have to say, I have loved the smell of coconuts for a lifetime. The scent conjures up sunny days with a slight breeze, coconut_oillaying in a hammock and looking up at the bright blue sky with a few puffy clouds passing by.

Some time ago, when I was trying to get my hair to grow longer and having zero luck, I read about coconut oil and how beneficial it is. Even Dr. Oz says how beneficial it is, and if Dr. Oz says it, just have to try it!

When I was using coconut oil for my hair, the directions said to rub it into the scalp, massage it, and put a bit on the ends. Well, if you do that, you may end up with long hair, but it’s a bit of a greasy mess if you’re not careful. Still, it was great to prevent breakage, and if you go to bed with a cap on, you can prevent the oil from getting on your pillow.

These days I primarily use coconut oil for my skin. I absolutely love this stuff! A little goes a very long way too, so it lasts and lasts.

At night I wash my face, and just before it’s dry, and still damp, I rub about a dime’s worth of coconut oil on my face and neck. It smells so good and really smooths my face, leaving it super soft.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best natural remedies for fighting off the signs of aging. It’s especially gentle around the eye area. Love the stuff! Giving it 5 Thumbs Up! thumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciythumbs_up_bciy

You can find coconut oil everywhere too, including Amazon, which has many varieties, if you like to do mail order. If you live near a Whole Foods store, they have it as well in a big tub. Make sure you get the extra virgin coconut oil! Also, a warning, USE SPARINGLY. If you put too much on your face, you’ll end up with a big, greasy mess!!

Like it for your hair and skin? You can cook with coconut oil too!

What doesn’t this stuff do?