Monthly Archive:: November 2014

Shea Butter

Shea butter all natural vitamin A cream Anything with the word butter in the title must be good. It’s right up there with bacon, the only difference is I would never put bacon on my face or body. “100 % PURE NATURAL SHEA BUTTER” is

Fish pedicures

Pedicure by Fish Pedicures don’t just involve getting your toenails painted. They also involve removing dead skin and calluses from the bottom of the foot. This skin can be removed through various methods — via buffing with a pumice stone or through scraping with

Skin Care with Coconut Oil

Skin Care with Coconut Oil Pure virgin coconut oil is the ideal cleanser and moisturizer for your skin. Unlike commercial cleansers and moisturizers, it will not strip your skin of its natural layer of protection. As coconut oil contains a high level of fats, it

Snail Slime

Snail Slime In Beauty Products We do some seriously weird things in the name of beauty, jumping on the latest beauty fad bandwagon to have smoother skin, be wrinkle free and look all-around beautiful. Such strange beauty products include Nightingale bird droppings, bee venom,